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Making waves in the West Midlands with their contemporary sound,  Outline are an indie-pop four-piece from Birmingham, UK. Stemming from jazzy bedroom beats in their humble DIY studio, after years of honing in their vision, the band have blossomed into a genre-bending collective. Having drawn eclectic influence from the likes of indie-pop anthems, to old school hip hop beats, it has become apparent the band have crafted a truly unique identity.

After hopping onto the Birmingham scene in December of 2018, Outline have since gone on to sell out the beloved Sunflower Lounge on multiple occasions and headline a date in the “Discover Birmingham 2020” series. In addition to this they have also gained recognition from, and opened for, the likes of “Only The Poets”, “Only Sun’ and “SPINN”.

Keen to follow in the footsteps of UK indie-pop heroes such as "The 1975", "Easy Life" and "Rex Orange County", the group are working tirelessly to leave their mark on modern music culture.


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